Post To Forum

Forums let you post a question or discussion topic and other members can post responses to it.  Each Group has its own forum, plus there are general forums that everyone was post to.

  1. Go to list of forums at “Members Area” / “Forums” then select the forum.
  2. Otherwise you can go to a Group and select “Forum” for the nav bar.


  1. The forum contains a list of topics.
  2. Each topic will display the title, the number of posts and the date of the last post and who made that post.
  3. You can either click on the topic to read it and / or post a reply to any message in the topic.
  4. Or you can create a new topic.

Additional Forum Operations

Some additional operations you can do with forums are :-

  • “Like” posts.  You can “like” individual posts in the forums.
  • “Subscribe”.  You can subscribe so that you will be notified of any new content added to the forum.

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