View Documents / Files

There are shared documents and files for members on the website using a shared drive called “BuddyDrive”.  Typically documents will be in one of the Groups, but each member can share a document from their own BuddyDrive.

Group Documents

  1. Go to the group, either from “Members Area” / “Groups” or “Members Area” / “My Profile” / “Groups”.
  2. Click “BuddyDrive”.
  3. You can browse through the folders and click on the files you wish to view.

Member Documents

  1. Either click on another members avatar when you see it in posts, or go to all members at “Members Area” / “Members”.
  2. You may see the document / file you want in the members “Wall”.
  3. Otherwise click “More” / “BuddyDrive” to browse all of their files.

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